Welcome to garageboy.com !!


Welcome to Garageboy.com, home of the BMW Brake FAQ
and other notes about cars and driving. If you look around, I hope you
find something interesting here. There is a section on driving tips,
which I have been keeping up-to-date, including information
on the new BMW E60. Ice Racing 2005 was a huge success again
with results posted HERE.

I've also been writing again in 2005 for the New York Chapter's
Newsletter, Die Zugspitze. But so that I don't leave the impression
that I'm a uni-dimensional motorhead, here are some videos of
the music, the hiking, the photography, the travelling... including:

[Linda Ann Bernstein] [RESUME]

If you're really bored, click here to find out how www.garageboy.com came about.

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